Thursday, 30 April 2015

Hiii everyone .... today I would like to talk about Youtube video download

Now a day video download is much of a headache now. Sometime you don't get every video on other side from where you can download it. People may be using youtube downloader, internet download manager(IDM) and many other tools are available on net. Despite of this for their is a option which is provided by youtube both for website user and mobile user is the " Watch later".
In case of youtube downloader the error of server not responding and for IDM the u need the crack or the serial key, if u have all that stuff then some error comes.

There are many extension which available on the chrome as well as firefox.

But which i am using Ummy Video Downloader, it's a good one. Just you need open the downloader and then copy the link which is for that video you what to download. It would show the option which format you want and which quality u want 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p etc.

It's a good downloader to use. I hope you like it and it would be useful for all.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Pray for Nepal

There are cases when we need to stand with our enemy but here the case is for standing with the people how need our help. One of the most beautiful country of the world is destroyed by earthquake.
Nepal is totally destroyed by this natural calamities  I know my blog is taking about technology, but against nature no technology work. Most powerful person also bow down to nature.

 There are kids who might have lost they parents. There are family they might have lost their entire generation. One thing we can do just we can pray for Nepal. Just pray for those small children.
Money....The most important this in this present day world. Everyone is looking get money from source they get. One I am looking forward is technology. In this present world technology is the most important part in everyones life. From a point of pen to mars mission of India "isro mangalyaan "
As a technology lover it the best this know how the reduce the cost of making this.